Art of our seam ‘Modern and Tradition”

 A Fallen Poète transcends just a contemporary fashion house; it embodies a fashion movement focused on progressive, technical men's tailoring. Drawing inspiration from the illustrious lineage of British fashion, AFP Signature seamlessly blends reformist cutting techniques, luxurious garments, and innovative technology. Our brand brings minimalism to the forefront, encompassing a thoughtful, yet subtly intricate complexity.

Tom Lipop and business partner Eser Aydemir made a mark on the fashion industry when they launched T.Lipop, a ready-to-wear label in 2011. The duo received widespread critical acclaim, and their S/S12 collection became a standout part of London Fashion Week's first Men’s Day. This earned T.Lipop a coveted spot as one of Selfridges's Bright Young Things. Dazed & Confused hailed this opportunity as a platform for "the hottest new talents in menswear, womenswear, and accessories to create their own window display and showcase their work to millions”.

 Breaking new ground, T.Lipop became the first menswear label to collaborate with the renowned high street giant, River Island, as part of the groundbreaking 'first' menswear Design Forum. This collaboration resulted in a captivating capsule collection of 16 garments and an evocative film co-created with Director, Aoife McArdle.

 In 2014, T.Lipop achieved a remarkable feat by winning the prestigious Vogue Italia and Alta Roma 'Who Is On Next' award for Emerging Menswear. This recognition positioned T.Lipop as one of the brightest stars on the horizon and provided the opportunity to present their inaugural solo show at a special event in January at Pitti Uomo, while joining Tomorrow Showroom for sales.

 As the fashion landscape evolved, the T.Lipop brand took a transformative pause in 2015, paving the way for a new venture—the establishment of the contemporary brand 'Prevu’. Over the course of three successful years, Prevu flourished, capturing the essence of modern style. It was during this pivotal period that fate intervened, leading Tom Lipop and Eser Aydemir to cross paths with their esteemed partner, Carly Kouvaris. Their encounter sparked a new profound creative synergy, giving birth to their magnum opus, 'A Fallen Poète,' an embodiment of their collective vision and passion.