A Fallen Poète is more than just a contemporary fashion house, but a fashion movement specialising in progressive, technical men’s tailoring. Inspired by the historical lineage of British fashion, AFP signature is a seamless blend of reformist cutting techniques, luxurious clothes and innovative technology that brings minimalism to the fore with a considered, yet veiled, complexity.
Each of us at AFP are focused on creating a fashion house for the future and next generation consumer. We are committed to keep high focus on the current turning point in the fashion industry and the ever-changing consumer expectations. A Fallen Poète is devloping its distinct signature cultivated by our previous project, T.Lipop, but creating a brand that is easily recognisable and forward-thinking. An adaption of the wholesale brand it was, to a direct-to-consumer, mid-level, ethically focused, contemporary product at an accessible price. Fast fashion is increasingly being tainted by ethical issues, such as labour conditions and the environment. These challenges and the unpredictable macroeconomic environment are leading our values as a business to improve what is within our control, focusing on transparency. 
With years of experience in the industry, great relationships with factories in both the United Kingdom and in Turkey have been established with a high sustainability focus. With our combined extensive background in the industry and our Creative Director having won numerous awards such as, ‘Selfridges Bright Young Things’ and Pitti Uomo’s, ‘Who’s on Next’, we are designing for the future. We are tackling what matters to us and what we believe matters to the rest of the fashion industry, with the introduction of A Fallen Poète.